Clinical validation 

study results

Confidently identify UIP missed by HRCT with high accuracy

Envisia classifier combined with high resolution CT identified twice as many UIP patients than radiology alone.1

In two independent, prospective multicenter validation trials, Envisia classifier identified UIP with a combined 91% specificity compared to histopathology.1,2

Bar graph showing the sensitivity of different UIP detection methods. HRCT alone has a sensitivity of 34%. This is increase twofold is Envisia is used alone or in combination with HRCT, with a sensitivity of 63% and 79% respectively
Row of icons of people, of which 9 out of 10 are green indicating 91% specificity of the Envisia test

The Envisia Genomic classifier achieved 91% specificity and 63% sensitivity on 144 patients combining two prospective validation cohorts. This performance is retained across gender, age group and smoking status.

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