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*Available for enrolling sites for our clinical utility study

Percepta Nasal Swab logo showing a nasal swab

Percepta® Nasal Swab


What is the test?

Objective tools are needed to assess the risk of lung cancer in patients with detected lung nodules

Approximately 1.6 million lung nodules are detected every year with many requiring further evaluation to distinguish between malignant and benign.1

What is Percepta Nasal Swab?

It is a first-of-its-kind, office-based genomic test that objectively classifies lung cancer risk in an identified lung nodule of patients that are ever-smokers. The test result can provide guidance on which patients can safely avoid unnecessary invasive procedures or undergo further workup to confirm their diagnosis.

Percepta Nasal Swab uses a simple and convenient nasal brushing to objectively evaluate suspicious lung nodules

Graphical representation of a nasal swab brushing and collection tube
~44% of low-risk patients underwent an invasive procedure to evaluate a lung nodule that was found to be benign.2
~50% of lung cancer patients receive 2 or more biopsies, delaying the time to diagnosis.3
Sample collection
Graphical representation of two gloved hands collecting a nasal swab brushing from a person

A simple nasal swab brushing just past the inferior nasal turbinate is used to collect a sample, which is sent to Veracyte.

Test results
Graphical representation of a person in a CT scanner
Low risk

Monitor with low dose CT

Graphical representation of two lungs with a bronchoscope reaching towards a lung nodule
Moderate risk

Consider non-surgical tissue sampling inclusive of bronchoscopy

Graphical representation of a scalpel and a syringe.
High risk

Consider sending patients for direct surgery and/or treatment

Preview of ATS Poster

Percepta Genomic Atlas evidence

ASCO 2022 Abstract Publication

Molecular profiling of dedicated lung cancer biopsy tissue sample collected at time of diagnostic bronchoscopy

ASCO 2022: This Veracyte abstract demonstrates that Percepta Genomic Atlas detects the clinically actionable mutations in patients with non-small cell lung cancer using fresh tissue specimens collected during bronchoscopic tissue sampling, with high concordance to standard of care testing.

The Percepta Nasal Swab test is currently available to select sites as part of a clinical utility study.

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Percepta Genomic Atlas logo showing a DNA double helix

Percepta® Genomic Atlas


What is the test?

Treating lung cancer with appropriate targeted therapies can improve outcomes

Guidelines recommend broad tumor profiling for appropriate patients with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. Despite these recommendations, more than 50% of lung cancer patients are not tested for recommended biomarkers.4

What is Percepta Genomic Atlas?

Percepta Genomic Atlas is a DNA/RNA next generation sequencing (NGS) tissue-based assay that identifies genomic alterations with a focus on lung cancer related genes.

Percepta Genomic Atlas uses a small amount of fresh tissue collected during the initial bronchoscopy for faster actionable results

Iconicographic representation of a DNA double helix and a network of lung nodules
>50% of lung cancer patients are not tested for recommended biomarkers despite guideline recommendations.4
up to 30% of biopsies are inadequate for NGS molecular testing due to insufficient tissue.5
Sample collection
Graphical representation of a transbronchial lung biopsy, showing the brushing location in the lung and a collection tube in the foreground.

Transbronchial needle aspirate (TBNA) or transbronchial lung biopsy (TBB) collected into RNA protect and sent to Veracyte

Next Generation Sequencing panel
Graphical representation next generation sequencing of of DNA (left) and RNA (right)
54 genes including all guideline recommended genes


Test results
A smart phone showing patient details in the Veracyte mobile app

Guideline recommended targeted treatments and clinical trials

Preview of ATS Poster

Percepta Genomic Atlas evidence

ATS 2021 Poster Presentation

Identification of Driver Mutations in Transbronchial Needle Aspirates of Suspicious Lung Nodules Concurrent with Diagnostic Bronchoscopy

ATS 2021: This Veracyte poster demonstrates the feasibility of Percepta Genomic Atlas in identifying driver mutations in transbronchial needle aspirates.

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