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What is the test?

Objective tools are needed to assess the risk of lung cancer in patients with detected lung nodules

Approximately 1.6 million lung nodules are detected every year with many requiring further evaluation to distinguish between malignant and benign.1

What is Percepta Nasal Swab?

It is a first-of-its-kind, office-based genomic test that objectively classifies lung cancer risk in an identified lung nodule of patients that are ever-smokers. The test result can provide guidance on which patients can safely avoid unnecessary invasive procedures or undergo further workup to confirm their diagnosis.

Percepta Nasal Swab uses a simple and convenient nasal brushing to objectively evaluate suspicious lung nodules

Graphical representation of a nasal swab brushing and collection tube
~44% of low-risk patients underwent an invasive procedure to evaluate a lung nodule that was found to be benign.2
~50% of lung cancer patients receive 2 or more biopsies, delaying the time to diagnosis.3
Sample collection
Graphical representation of two gloved hands collecting a nasal swab brushing from a person

A simple nasal swab brushing just past the inferior nasal turbinate is used to collect a sample, which is sent to Veracyte.

Test results
Graphical representation of a person in a CT scanner
Low risk

Monitor with low dose CT

Graphical representation of two lungs with a bronchoscope reaching towards a lung nodule
Moderate risk

Consider non-surgical tissue sampling inclusive of bronchoscopy

Graphical representation of a scalpel and a syringe.
High risk

Consider sending patients for direct surgery and/or treatment


NIGHTINGALE Study to demonstrate clinical utility of the Percepta Nasal Swab test in management of patients with lung nodules

  • Multicenter, randomized, prospective, observational clinical trial
  • Included populations:
    • Newly identified nodule ≤30mm on CT or LDCT
    • Current or former smoker (>100 cigarettes in a lifetime)
    • 29-85 years of age
    • No known active cancer or prior history of lung cancer

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Percepta Nasal Swab Evidence​

CHEST 2021 Abstract​

A Nasal Clinical—Genomic Classifier for Assessing Risk of Malignancy in Lung Nodules Demonstrates Accurate Performance Independent of Nodule Size or Cancer Stage

This Veracyte abstract presented at CHEST 2021 demonstrated how the nasal classifier accurately assesses ROM in a pulmonary nodule independent of size or stage. Use of the classifier to guide decision-making for ever-smokers with a lung nodule could lead to fewer unnecessary diagnostic procedures in patients without cancer and timelier treatment in patients with lung cancer.

ATS 2022 Poster

A Nasal Genomic Classifier for Assessing Risk of Malignancy in Lung Nodules Demonstrates Similar Performance in Patients That Meet Screening Criteria for High Baseline Risk and Those Who Do Not

This Veracyte Poster presented at ATS 2022 demonstrated how the nasal classifier accurately assesses cancer risk in pulmonary nodules across the spectrum of tobacco-related lung cancer risk, with similar performance in those who meet USPSTF screening criteria for high risk of lung cancer and those who do not. The nasal classifier has good performance in patients independent of stratification by smoking burden, with 100% sensitivity for the low –risk label in lighter smokers.