Washington DC | May 19-24

Don’t miss this chance to connect with colleagues, learn from leading experts, and stay up-to-date on the latest research and clinical practices in respiratory medicine. Learn more about Envisia, the first and only test that detects a genomic UIP pattern to improve ILD diagnostic and prognostic confidence.

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CHEST Webinar

Presented by: Anna Podolanczuk, MD, MS and Sandeep Bansal, MD, FCCP, FACP

An accurate Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) diagnosis is important to guide prognosis and treatment. ILD is frequently challenging to diagnose particularly when a clear answer is not available on high resolution CT. In this webinar, speakers will discuss updated IPF/PPF guidelines, key utility data, and the role of the Envisia Genomic Classifier in the diagnosis and prognosis of ILD. New data will be presented that demonstrates how the Envisia Classifier can predict clinical progression in fibrotic ILD.
An Envisia positive result may serve as a biomarker for FVC by identifying the genomic signature of UIP in patients without definite UIP on CT.  Results for the study showed that patients with an Envisia positive result show a greater decline in FVC over time compared to Envisia negative patients​.
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Envisia detects genomic UIP pattern to improve ILD diagnostic and prognostic confidence.

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Percepta GSC stratifies the risk of lung cancer to guide patient management for when bronchoscopy is inconclusive.


Percepta Nasal Swab brings genomic objectivity to lung nodule risk assessment with a simple, non-invasive tool.

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Veracyte offers a suite of actionable genomic tests that can offer greater confidence and clarity at every step of your lung cancer and interstitial lung disease patient management.