A doctor’s hand corrects a statement with a pen from “I don’t have actionable…” to “I now have actionable genomic information to better diagnose my patient’s lung disease.” In the background, a CT scan of a lung with a lesion is visible.
Preview of a slide from the webinar showing three 100% stacked bar graphs breaking down number of patients classified as low, intermediate, and high pre-test risk.
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Hear how Dr. Kurman uses Percepta GSC to stratify the risk of primary lung cancer across all pre-test risk groups as a guide for patient management when bronchoscopy is inconclusive.
ATS Webinar
Date: June 22, 2022 6:30 pm ET
Presented by: Fayez Kheir, MD & Mary Beth Scholand, MD.

In this webinar speakers will review published data on the Envisia Genomic Classifier, updates from the recent IPF clinical guideline, and how they have integrated the classifier into their practice.
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Envisia detects genomic UIP pattern to improve ILD diagnostic and prognostic confidence.

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Percepta GSC stratifies the risk of lung cancer to guide patient management for when bronchoscopy is inconclusive.


Percepta Nasal Swab brings genomic objectivity to lung nodule risk assessment with a simple, non-invasive tool.


Percepta Genomic Atlas guides personalized treatment earlier in lung cancer diagnosis.

Transform uncertainty into confidence

Veracyte offers a suite of actionable genomic tests that can offer greater confidence and clarity at every step of your lung cancer and interstitial lung disease patient management.