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Percepta GSC has been clinically and analytically validated, and has shown utility through clinical utility studies and real world evidence. 

Percepta GSC was developed to up-classify as well as down-classify the risk of malignancy for patients with lung nodules when bronchoscopy is non-diagnostic. For patients with intermediate risk lung nodules, the test down-classified to low risk with a 91% NPV to help avoid additional invasive procedures and up-classified to high risk with a 65% PPV to inform next intervention steps.
CHEST 2021 Conference
Dr. Abhijit Raval reviews data where he and his colleagues sought to identify the frequency with which Percepta GSC helps to reclassify malignancy risk in intermediate risk nodules to guide further decision-making.
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American Thoracic Society Virtual Meeting
Percepta GSC improves the diagnostic utility of bronchoscopy with a combined sensitivity of 96%. Hear Presentation.
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BMC Pulmonary Medicine
Percepta GSC increased the number of surgical and other ablative therapies recommended when patients were re-classified from high to very high-risk of lung cancer with a higher confidence in the recommended next step. By up-classifying nodules from high to very high ROM, Percepta GSC will improve the likelihood and timeliness of appropriate therapies and assist clinicians more effectively manage patients to improve patient outcomes.
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CHEST Journal
The down-classification of nodule malignancy risk with Percepta GSC decreased additional invasive procedures without a delay in time to diagnosis among those with lung cancer.
BMC Medical Genomics
The Percepta GSC demonstrated diagnostic accuracy in both down- and up-classification of cancer risk, providing physicians actionable information for many patients with inconclusive bronchoscopy.
BMC Cancer
Percepta GSC for risk stratification of suspicious lung nodules can be performed with high confidence in the clinical setting.

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